Financial Troubles Confronted Hip-Hop Mogul Chris Lighty

Bronx, New York City – Hip-Hop Mogul Chris Lighty has been confirmed dead by the New York City police in what is believed to be a suicide. Lighty, at age 44, enjoyed an illustrious career and was a pioneer in transforming music artists from singers to financially successful careers outside of music. Examples of Lighty’s success stories include Mariah Carey, Sean Combs, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, and Cee Lo Green, and a list of others. However, in recent years Lighty began to experience financial difficulty compounded by the ongoing divorce with his wife Veronica. The New York Daily News reporting that Veronica did not fight with her husband on the day he committed suicide. Mrs. Lighty believes it was his ongoing financial trouble with the IRS that led him to suicide. Whether that’s true or not, the facts are that Lighty’s 5M debt to the IRS had been paid down to 330,000 and was in the process of being resolved. It does seem somewhat implausible that a debt which leads a person to commit suicide would do so when the debt has been 92 paid off. Chris Lighty died of a gunshot wound to the head by a .9mm handgun. No suicide note was found.

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